Why EVERYONE needs a career coach

One of my childhood friends who I have known forever always inspired me with her ability to always know EXACTLY what she wanted to do when she "grew up" - be a journalist. She worked on her yearbook in high school, went to a fantastic university where she majored in English and Journalism, graduated with fantastic grades all while holding multiple internships that gave her experience towards her dream career. She then moved back to Los Angeles, and scored herself a coveted entry level position at an LA magazine. A few years went by and while I was always so envious that she seemed to have everything go her way, it was only at dinner together when she was 26 that she said through tears "I don't want to be a journalist - I HATE this career!"

I, of course, was shocked. How could she have known something so surely since we were pre-teens only to start said career and "hate" it? Worse than that, she felt completely lost, confused and scared that she would never know what she wanted. She sunk into a mini depression and didn't know what to do next - until someone suggested a career coach. My friend began to work with a career coach weekly for a few months and it completely changed her approach, her negative energy, and her path. She now still writes in her career, but in a different industry which suits her so much better. Still to this day, my friend suggests going to a coach when feeling lost or confused in your career.

This doesn't only apply to a complete career change. Career coaches can help when you just feel a little stuck in your career, a little lost or confused, or need some extra motivation. In a creative career (an actor for example), this could mean a plan for marketing materials, keeping your drive and ambition in tact when you are feeling a little hopeless or envious at the time, or a new approach to your headshots, acting classes etc.

Even the best of the best need coaches. Tom Brady has many coaches. Top executives have coaches. Disney and Nickelodeon stars that have their own TV shows even have on set coaches. Just because you have or get the job you desire doesn't mean you can't continue to learn and grow.

Working with actors so closely for so many years, I have seen firsthand how hard it can be when you want it SO badly, are doing everything in your power to achieve your dreams and still not finding that success. Working as your career consultant, I can't book the jobs for you, but I can absolutely help you create a plan, give you industry tips from my insider perspective and work side by side with you as your advocate in a business where that is rare.

Dana Bowling is a audition coach and actor career consultant with 15 years of Casting and Representation background. She has taught hundreds of classes and continues to work one on one with actors, helping them take control of their acting careers and give their best auditions. Find out more at www.danabowling.com


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